God damn hippies all up in my god damn vag

(HT to the wonderful EK McAlpine who has been ranting about this on twitter with me forming angry ideas @whatkatie_did)   Hello. My name’s Kate, and I fucking hate my period. This shouldn’t be controversial. My period fucking sucks. I’m being tested for endometriosis in the next few weeks, as my periods are heavier than […]

A Real Response to #budget2013

starring me as Leader of the Opposition, The Smash Patriarchal Capitalism Party (ahh, dreams).   Mr. Deputy Speaker, I would like to thank the Chancellor for his budget. The opposition fully supports many of the measures listed today, the greatest of which, the raising of personal allowance, will lift 3 million hardworking people in this […]

Trans* lobby: do not cut it out

Just to start your Sunday off with a nice dose of bile and vitriol, here’s the most controversial blog on Comment is Free in quite some time, Transexuals should cut it out: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/jan/13/julie-burchill-suzanne-moore-transsexuals. I offer this with a trigger warning, as it is offensive to every sense. Long story short, the ever-charming Julie Burchill has written […]